Trost Farm

Ringgold-Union Street & High and Dry Road, Diagonal, IA 50845 | Listed at $1,450,000

Town: Diagonal
County: Ringgold
State: IA
Taxes: $5,856
Terms: Cash, payable at closing
Land Use: 351.13 farmland acres, 265.62 cropland acres
Income: 56,997
Possession: Upon closing
Pasture Acres: 30.00
CRP Acres: 265.62
CRP Description: 265.62 acres in CRP for $59,853 annual income, as follows: •205.36 acres @ $225.55/acre= $46,319, expiring in 09/2026; • 60.26 acres @ $224.59/acre= $13,534, expiring in 09/2026; Ringgold County FSA
FSA Description: FSA shows 351.13 farmland acres, with 265.62 cropland acres, all of which are in CRP. Crop CORN, Base Ac. 0, CRP Red. 9.91, PLC Yld 0; Crop SOYBEANS, Base Ac. 0, CRP Red. 10.29, PLC Yld 0; TOTAL Base Ac. 0, CRP Red. 20.20, PLC Yld 0; Ringgold County FSA
CSR Description: CSR2- 45.6, Surety Maps
Presenting the Trost Farm. Call Tom Miller, (712) 621-1281, for more information.
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Presented by:
Thomas Miller | 712-621-1281
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